Los Angeles born Casey Renee Le’Vasseur began her love affair with words studying and memorizing lyrics from her favorite bands. Growing up watching her father, songwriter Jeffrey Steele, perform in night clubs and bars she was naturally drawn to music, but it was the lyrics that spoke to her. It was words, again, that initially drew her to film. She would spend free time watching old movies, studying and analyzing her favorite lines. She eventually put pen to paper, filling stacks of composition notebooks with teenage angst and creating quirky and slightly deranged short stories for her friends and family. Her passion for writing and film lead her to a degree in Cinema Arts from California State University, at Northridge.

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Survival Storytelling

Tell Your Story & Change Your Life

My Story

Survival Storytelling for me came out of necessity. It is a thought process I created surrounding the idea that you can change your life. You have the ability.  You can stop being held back by the pains, mistakes or regrets of your past and move forward to a new you. It’s the idea that you have the power to change your story you just need to realize it.



Wander was created for you, an escape from your daily life and a journey into someone else’s. If you are looking for a break during your daily commute, workout, or anytime during your day Wander is your answer. A unique take on storytelling, it explores the notion of spending a moment in someone’s life wherever they may be, to Wander into their world and just experience it with them. Come Wander with Casey Renee LeVasseur, you never know where she will take you.


An Image From Somewhere

The art of storytelling comes alive as a Photographer and a Writer get together to explore the unlikely stories behind the photos. What they discover about the human condition and themselves is full of surprises, inspirations and entertainment. Each week your hosts Anthony Scarlati and Casey Renee Le’Vasseur dissect a new photo and make new discoveries about themselves, the world around them and the rich history of storytelling.





noun: musing; plural noun: musings

  1. a period of reflection or thought.
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