Photo Credit: Anthony Scarlati

Los Angeles born Casey Renee Le’Vasseur began her love affair with words studying and memorizing lyrics from her favorite bands.  Growing up watching her father, songwriter Jeffrey Steele, perform in night clubs and bars she was naturally drawn to music, but it was the lyrics that spoke to her.  It was words, again, that initially drew her to film.  She would spend free time watching old movies, studying and analyzing her favorite lines. Le’Vasseur eventually put pen to paper, filling stacks of composition notebooks with teenage angst and creating quirky and slightly deranged short stories for her friends and family. Her passion for writing and film lead her to a degree in Cinema Arts from California State University, at Northridge.

In late 2011, Le’Vasseur released her debut novel, Silence & Noise: one girl’s journey into insanity, a coming of age story about a girl’s struggle with mental illness. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and has made it her mission to use her writing as a tool to help break down the negative stigma clouding mental illness. The topic of mental health is ever present in her works and serves as constant inspiration for her strong, courageous, and inquisitive characters.

In early 2015, Le’Vasseur launched Wander, a short story podcast about the human condition.

She is currently biting off more than she can chew; writing, running a creative agency with her husband, and coordinating charitable ventures in Nashville, TN.