Breaking the Cycle of the Good Enough

What is it about repetition that is so appealing, so errr, addictive? What if there was a better way to move forward without spinning in circles?

I convinced myself life was just life and you got whatever you got and that was it. I sat back while my life just circled around itself. Pain caused me to believe that there was no good, that it didn’t matter what you did or how you did it, the same outcome was bound to take place. Pain is so powerful, especially when given the reins. It can be so hard to imagine a life outside of it. So instead of a life of possibilities, I was living a life of good enoughs.

Cycles are all around us. They are a natural part of life. The birds. The bees. Pollination. Reproduction. Growth. Since these life cycles feel so natural, it’s easy to get caught up in emotional cycles. These feel like the norm since so many people are experiencing the same and/or similar problems and pains daily. Relationship turmoil, work frustrations, emotional pains. We hear the complaints, we share the complaints. It becomes okay to just forge ahead as is, doomed to repeat the same cycle time and again with no way out. Just spinning wheels and frustration. Believing that where you are is where you will always be.

But what if you could break your cycles? What if there is a better version of your life out there just waiting for you to live it?

The greatest act of change is to stop and ask yourself questions and give yourself permission to answer them honestly. Maybe that sounds too easy? But the problem with cycles is that we just keep spinning through them.

We don’t pause. We don’t think. We don’t assess.

We are like a wheel barrelling down a hill, spinning out of control. At some point we will all spin out, but the act of self-reflection can help slow down the cycle and give us clear eyes and a fresh point of view.

Start breaking your cycle now by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Am I living a life that makes me happy?
  2. What is One thing I can do differently today to change my day or my thoughts?
  3. Is there something I want to do that I don’t think I can? What is holding me back?

Change isn’t always easy. Even when we are in painful situations, often it is simply easier to stay to course. The good news, you don’t have to live in emotional pain. You have the ability to break the cycle. To move beyond your current circumstances and to create a new normal. To move beyond good enough into a life you are happy to live. But, the first step is to slow down. You can’t change paths without first stopping.

Are you ready to move past the good enoughs? Are you ready to take control of your life and stop it from spinning out of control?

Join the conversation. Share the answers to your self-reflection or make a pledge to break the cycle. #SurvivalStorytelling

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