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“The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling.” – Cecil B. DeMille

Storytelling is an incredible thing. It is the foundation of our history. My love for storytelling is what inspired me to create my podcast Wander. In light of the release of Wander, I wanted to share about a source of great inspiration for my writing. A leather notebook & my favorite pen.

When the idea of Wander came to me, I was sitting in a comfortable chair, with a cup of tea, a leather notebook and my favorite OddWood Pen. The beautiful leather notebook that first saw the inception of the Wander series had been a source of fear before that moment. It was a lovely¬†gift my husband had given me years ago. It was from Tiffany’s. A beautiful leather notebook from a beautiful store that had great meaning in our relationship. The gift was meant to be a thoughtful gesture. A beautiful place for me to write. But instead of excitement, the notebook evoked fear. This was the type of gift that you put up on a shelf and imagined all the incredible¬†things it would hold, if only you could fill it. So it sat there, up there on that shelf. For many years.

Until one day I sat down in that chair. I decided to put my fears aside of writing perfectly in that notebook. The fear of mistakes. Of scribbles. Of messy writing. I decided to let this leather notebook be what it was meant to be from the beginning a place to put my words, my stories. So I did and what has emerged from that moment has become my short stories podcast Wander. Sometimes we just have to get past ourselves. Past what we think we should be and how we think we should get there and just let go and create.

That day, I also had my favorite OddWood pen in hand. What I love about my OddWood Pen’s almost as much as the stories that come out of them as I write, are the stories behind them. I love the idea of OddWood Pens and I am so thankful to have them as a sponsor for Wander. OddWood Pens are custom, handmade pens. Yes they have a store of pens that are already made to purchase, but they can also create a beautiful pen just for you. These pens have stories! This is such a unique and beautiful way to remember someone, or something. Do you have an old hammer from your grandfather? They can turn it into a pen. Countertop from your grandparents home. That old rosebush you planted with your mother, the one you weeded as a kid or that old tree out back that you climbed on? They can make a pen out of almost anything you can think of. It’s truly amazing. I love the idea of a pen that literally tells a story. What a beautiful concept. Go visit my friends at OddWood Pens and get 15% off your first pen, but more than that, get something that tells a story and use it to share your stories!

come Wander with me every Friday…you never know where it will take you!