volume one: stories about love

This collection of short stories is centered around love, relationships and heartbreak. Each story holds a window into another world and a mirror into ourselves.
Love is a strange thing. The way it always shifts and changes. Leaving one guessing where they will go, and with whom they will be. Our relationships fuel us and they break us. Our human nature is so strong. In spite of the best scenarios, we find ourselves seeking, questioning and doubting. It is with love or the idea of love that we journey through place and time and seek to answer the questions hidden deep within.

Silence & Noise

One Girl’s Journey Into Insanity

Lily is 22 and has already lived thru a lot at a young age. Her journey is one of emotions and baggage. Hers is a story of battles and chaos, and running. She lives her life through relationships, her struggle for normalcy. This is a story of loneliness and pain and self discovery. One girl trapped in a downward spiral with nowhere to turn. A girl trying to find a way out to the other side. Follow Lily as she struggles to discover and understand her life – a world clouded by boys, drugs, and internal chaos. This is Lily’s journey into insanity.