The Keeper of Dreams

He said “I ain’t ever leavin’” and the words fell off his tongue like honey. I watched his eyes, full of wonder and hope and noticed the way they glistened. A mixture of joy and perhaps fear that maybe it was all, too good to be true. I sat and smiled with him and we spent the rest of the afternoon planning adventures and floating in gratitude. All of the bad, all of the pain, it didn’t matter because this was the light at the end of the tunnel. This was the new day.

He said “I ain’t ever goin’ back there” and I prayed with every fiber in my body for it to be true. Convinced myself that this time would be different, that this time things could change. Afterall, if we don’t believe in the possibility of healing and transformation the world can be the darkest of places. So I believed.

I watched him, sound asleep, safe and warm and for a brief moment he was everything good in the world, because in him there lived second chances. And forgiveness. And dreams.

He said “I ain’t ever leavin’” and now those words echo through my head like thunder. The tears, overflowing in my eyes. My body shaking in disbelief. Those plans a distant dream.

He said “I ain’t ever goin’ back there” and I sit wishing I could turn back time and somehow change this road he has been forced to walk down. But that power does not belong to me. All I have are these knees but with them rests the memory of every unanswered prayer haunting me. Still, sometimes, especially in the darkest of times, all you can do is believe.

He said “I ain’t ever leavin’” and I’m down here, begging for a sign.

He said “I ain’t ever goin’ back there” and I’m clinging to faith, so desperate for something good to believe.

And I hope wherever he is, he is sound asleep, safe and warm a vision of everything good in the world. A path to a second chance. A road to forgiveness. A keeper of dreams.