Life is short and unpredictable. Sometimes it’s overwhelmingly short. And at times when the weight of the days seem to drag on you – life can feel long and painful. Sometimes it’s just a balancing act of the two extremes and others it’s getting caught up in a moment and being swept away. Then there are the deep dark times that shake your attention and beg you to remember that our time on this earth has its limits.

I have certainly had a share of losses in my life, like many others. I’ve seen long lives come to a close and I’ve seen short lives end without warning. I’ve seen self inflicted, drug induced, natural causes, accidents, I’ve seen a lot. More than some, less than others. Close to home and from a distance.

The loss of life is never easily understood or accepted. Even when there is warning or preparation for it, still then it’s not without pain and questions. One day someone is there and the next they simply are not. A concept so hard for the mind to grasp. My brother has been gone for seven years and there are still times that it does not seem real. Times when I think of him so clearly I can almost see him. Seven years later I am still suspended in disbelief.

Life is so fleeting. When you lose someone close or hear of a loss it reminds you just how short and precious each moment is. It reminds you of all the people you have lost. We are not promised a tomorrow. So today, take the time to love deeper and hug longer. Don’t get burdened by the small insignificant things. Remember that you are special to someone, even if you don’t feel it, or know it, you are.

This life is hard and messy and complicated. But it can also be beautifully surprising. There have been a couple losses in my world recently and it has forced me to reflect. I’m missing my baby brother tonight, same as always, and my heart is heavy for my family and close friends as the shortness of life has shown itself again. Always so many questions and never many answers. Be thankful for every moment we get the privilege of having. If you are still breathing, you are still needed. Please don’t forget that.